Adult Programs


Registration required. Register by calling the KCC at (207)439-3800 or online by clicking the button below:

free fitness room orientation

If an introduction to the machines is what you need, join us for an hour-long orientation on our equipment with one of our personal trainers. Pre-registration required through the KCC.

  • Instructor: Sara Bigelson
  • Who: Ages 16+
  • Cost: FREE – must pre-register
  • When: Tuesdays (dates listed below) at 11:30am
    • September 19
    • October 10
    • December 12


Join 9th Degree Black Belt and Head Instructor of the NE Okinawan Karate Dojo, Greg Lazarus, for our karate program. He welcomes students (8 years of ages and older) that come to him with the desire to learn the true essence of Matsumura Seito Karate-do. Shihan Lazarus has been training students since 1980. Our classes stress traditional protocol, self-discipline and quality authentic training and techniques. Classes are continued all year. Family discounts are offered. A uniform is required and can be purchased through the instructor. No drop-ins.

  • Instructor: Shihan Greg Lazarus
  • Who: Ages 14-65
  • Cost (9-week session): $210 (residents)/$252 (non-residents)
    • Additional family members: $175 (residents)/$210 (non-residents)
  • When: Mondays & Thursdays, 6:45-8:00pm (14-65)
    • September 7 – November 30

long and strong

A 60-minute full body workout utilizing body weight, light weights, yoga mats, and our own mind-body awareness. Aerobic movembent, balance, posture, strength, flexibility and mindfulness will all be addressed. Becky Kollmorgen is a physical therapist, yoga instructor, and certified group fitness instructor. She bring years of teaching
experience to the class. Please bring a mat and preferred free weights.

  • Instructor: Becky Kollmorgen
  • Who: 18+


  • Cost (8-weeks): $80 (residents)/$96 (non-residents)
  • When: Tuesdays, 8:30-9:30am
    • September 5 – October 24


  • Cost (7-weeks): $70 (residents)/$84 (non-residents)
  • When: Tuesdays, 8:30-9:30am
    • October 31 – December 19 (no class November 21)


Full Body Strength Training with Andy, formerly Better, Leaner, Stronger, is a fun, full-body workout designed to increase physical strength, build endurance and improve balance while enhancing flexibility and mobility. This one-hour class will challenge your body in an effective, safe and creative format using your own body weight, hand weights and other fitness tools. Included also is core training, short bursts of non-impact cardio conditioning and stretching, for a complete, full-body workout. Our class accommodates all fitness levels. You will sweat and smile and leave feeling more energized than ever. Please bring an exercise or yoga mat and two pair of hand-held weights (dumbbells) at your strength level. There are also weights available to share.

  • Instructor: Andy Ferragamo
  • Who: 18+


  • When: Mondays & Wednesdays | 8:45-9:45am | September 18 – November 1 (no class October 9)
  • Cost (7-week session): $130 (residents)/$156 (non-residents)


  • When: Mondays & Wednesdays | 8:45-9:45am | November 6 – December 20
    • Cost (7-week session): $140 (residents)/$168 (non-residents)


Yoga with Andy, formerly Bend, Breathe & Stretch, is an hour class that encompasses yoga poses and flows, full body stretching, flexibility and balance movements. It is designed for all ages and is of benefit to conditioned participants as well as athletes. The class will assist in combating stress, improves balance and body awareness, as well as, teaching health breathing techniques. We will use yoga blocks, yoga straps and other props that will enhance your  practice. General class consists of: calming, centering and stretching (10 min), yoga poses and flows (25 min), balancing and flexibility (15 min), finishing with final stretching and total relaxation (10 min). No experience necessary. Please bring a yoga mat to class and your own blocks & straps if you have them.

  • Instructor: Andy Ferragamo 
  • Who: 18+


  • When: Mondays & Wednesdays | 10:00-11:00am | September 18 – November 1 (no class October 9)
  • Cost (7-week session): $130 (residents)/$156 (non-residents)


  • When: Mondays & Wednesdays | 10:00-11:00am | November 6 – December 20
  • Cost (7-week session): $140 (residents)/$168 (non-residents)


This class combines yoga and pilates in a way that helps condition the body without punishing it. We develop strong abdominal muscles and improve balance, coordination and power which aides us in performing other exercises with more ease. In addition to firming and strengthening our core muscles, we strengthen and lengthen the entire body from head to toe, helping us to stand taller. We focus on the entire body with special emphasis on core and posture. This class is done without shoes. Please bring a mat. Please do not eat a big meal at least one hour before class.

  • Instructor: Sara Bigelson
  • Who: 18+
  • Cost (6-week session): $52 (residents)/$62 (non-residents)
  • When: Thursdays | 10:00-11:00am 
    • SESSION 1: September 7 – October 12
    • SESSION 2: November 2 – December 21 (no class November 16 & 23)

line dancing

Learn all types of line dancing for beginners to intermediates; waltzes, cha-chas, rhumbas, polkas, etc. This is a fun class that has choreographed dances that are taught step by step in segments without music and then music is added later. Come try out a class! Line dancing is a great way to stay healthy and is great exercise! No experience is necessary and no partner needed!

  • Instructor: Sara Bigelson
  • Who: 18+
  • Cost: $8 (residents)/$10 (non-resident) drop-in fee
  • When: Fridays, 10-11:30am until September 1 THEN 11:30am-1:00pm beginning September 8 (no class November 17 & 24)

everybody can do yoga

If you sit at a desk all day, if you are rehabilitating from injuries, if you have issues getting up from the floor and down to the floor, if you have arthritic joints/limited mobility, if you would just like a yoga class where you know you are not going to jump from one pose to another… then this is the class for you! This form of yoga uses a chair as a prop. We will practice either sitting in a chair or standing and using the chair for support. We will experience increased strength and flexibility. We will restore and increase our balance. We will breathe and relax. We will not be wearing shoes in class. Please do not eat a heavy meal for at least an hour before class.

  • Instructor: Sara Bigelson
  • Who: 55+
  • Cost (6-week session): $52 (residents)/$62 (non-residents)


  • When: Tuesdays | 10:00-11:00am
    • SESSION 1: September 5 – October 10
    • SESSION 2: October 31 – December 19 (no class November 14 & 21)


  • When: Fridays | 10:00-11:00am
    • SESSION 1: September 8 – October 13
    • SESSION 2: November 3 – December 22 (no class November 17 & 24)


This one-hour class is organized into three segments. 1) Stretching component to improve flexibility. 2) Movements and exercises to enhance or improve
balance. 3) Relaxation techniques for wellbeing and focus. Take what you learn from the classroom and apply it to your daily living. Suitable for all ages, experience and fitness levels. Utilize this class to help you fully relax and regroup from your daily activities, exercise or busy work day!

  • Instructor: Andy Ferragamo
  • Who: 18+
  • Cost (3-month session): $130 (residents)/$156 (non-residents)
  • When: Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30pm, September 19 – December 19 (no class October 31)


A high intensity dance format set to fun, hip-hop style music. A great way to burn A LOT of calories, have fun with friends and get a work out in a club-like
setting! All experience and fitness levels are welcome. Sign up for the 6-week session or drop-in and pay per class!

  • Instructor: Jessica Simpson
  • Who: 16+
  • Cost (6-weeks): $144 (residents)/$172 (non-residents)
    • $15 (residents)/$18 (non-residents) drop-in
  • When: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5:30-6:30pm, September 12 – October 19


The class is structured as an intermediate to advanced class with plenty of modifications given for all students and their abilities. Dress code required: black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes & hair neatly in a bun.

  • Instructor: Elisa Gerasin
  • Who: 18+
  • Cost (12-weeks): $230 (residents)/$276 (non-residents)
  • When: Thursdays, 8:30-9:40am, September 14 – December 7 (no class November 23)


Registration required. Register by calling the KCC at (207)439-3800 or online by clicking the button below:

zentangle with watercolor painting

You will love this 2-session workshop wherein watercolors and ink merge to create beautiful, mindful artworks. Unique abstract watercolor backgrounds in various shapes and colors will dance across your watercolor paper. Then you’ll add beautiful pen and ink Zentangle patterns to your painting – resulting in very interesting artworks. All new projects for this class!

No artistic experience is required. You will bring a watercolor pan set to class and #8 and #2 round brushes or similar. Also bring black ink Sakura Micron pen (any size) or Sharpie ultra fine pen. Additional supplies will be provided for a material fee of $5 payable to the instructor. This will include hot press watercolor paper – ideal for these artworks. OPTIONAL to bring: metallic gold watercolor pain, masking tape, any other brushes you’d like to use.

  • Instructor: Joyce Amend, CZT
  • Who: 18+
  • Cost (2 days): $35 (residents)/$40 (non-residents) plus $5 materials fee paid directly to the instructor
  • When: Tuesdays | 4:30-6:00pm | September 12 & 19

adult acting for mysteries & THrillers

Join acting coach, casting director and indie filmmaker, Mark J. Parker, for a dramatic acting workshop. The techniques taught in this workshop will be different from stage acting, as actors will try to ground their acting in natural, truthful performances while hitting their mark for the camera, like you see in films and television series. The group will work on two age-appropriate scenes from movies and TV in the drama, thriller and mystery genres, plus there will be some improv exercises that stretch their imaginations and acting ranges. Memorizing the scenes for week 2 is encouraged and actors will be recorded on camera so they can watch their work. All experience levels welcome!

  • Instructor: Mark J. Parker
  • Who: 18+
  • Cost (2 days): $60 (residents)/$72 (non-residents) 
  • When: Wednesdays, November 8 & 15, 5:30-7:00pm

podcasting & hosting for adults

Join podcaster, host and media coach, Mark J. Parker, for a fun and informative class about creating content from home! Nowadays, it’s easy to grab some equipment, hit record and entertain or educate people online. This is great for those who aren’t really actors or want to take a break from acting but still like to perform and improvise. Participants should have some ideas or interests that they can turn into a podcast and a YouTube video series and we’ll work on how to develop them. All experience levels and personality types welcome!

  • Instructor: Mark J. Parker
  • Who: 18+
  • Cost (2 days): $60 (residents)/$72 (non-residents) 
  • When: Wednesdays, January 10 & 17, 5:30-7:00pm