Adult Programs


Registration required. Register by calling the KCC at (207)439-3800 or online by clicking the button below:


Join 9th Degree Black Belt and Head Instructor of the NE Okinawan Karate Dojo, Greg Lazarus, for our karate program. He welcomes students (8 years of ages and older) that come to him with the desire to learn the true essence of Matsumura Seito Karate-do. Shihan Lazarus has been training students since 1980. Our classes stress traditional protocol, self-discipline and quality authentic training and techniques. Classes are continued all year. Family discounts are offered. A uniform is required and can be purchased through the instructor. No drop-ins.

  • Instructor: Shihan Greg Lazarus
  • Who: Ages 14-65
  • Cost (13-week session): $210 (residents)/$252 (non-residents)
    • Additional family members: $175 (residents)/$210 (non-residents)
  • When: Mondays & Thursdays, 6:45-8:00pm (14-65)
    • Summer session: June 3 – August 29

long and strong circuit training

A 60-minute strength and conditioning class composed of a 5-10 minute warmup, 30-40 minutes of circuits in which participants perform a given exercise for one minute, in a circuit of 10 different exercises, repeating each one until time is up, all under the direction of the instructor.  Class will then end with flexibility, mobility, and meditation on the yoga mat.  Participants are welcome to bring their own weights and mat if desired.

  • Instructor: Becky Kollmorgen
  • Who: 18+
  • Cost: $75 (residents)/$90 (non-residents)
  • When: Tuesdays | 8:30-9:30am | July 30 – August 27


Full Body Strength Training with Andy is a fun, full-body workout designed to increase physical strength, build endurance and improve balance while enhancing flexibility and mobility. This one-hour class will challenge your body in an effective, safe and creative format using your own body weight, hand weights and other fitness tools. Included also is core training, short bursts of non-impact cardio conditioning and stretching, for a complete, full-body workout. Our class accommodates all fitness levels. You will sweat and smile and leave feeling more energized than ever. Please bring an exercise or yoga mat and two pair of hand-held weights (dumbbells) at your strength level. There are also weights available to share.

  • Instructor: Andy Ferragamo
  • Who: 18+


  • When: Mondays & Wednesdays | 8:45-9:45am | June 3 – June 26 (no class June 19)
  • Cost (4-week session): $70 (residents)/$84 (non-residents)


  • When: Wednesdays | 8:45-9:45am | July 3 – August 28
    • Cost (9-week session): $90 (residents)/$108 (non-residents)


Yoga with Andy is an hour class that encompasses yoga poses and flows, full body stretching, flexibility and balance movements. It is designed for all ages and is of benefit to conditioned participants as well as athletes. The class will assist in combating stress, improves balance and body awareness, as well as, teaching health breathing techniques. We will use yoga blocks, yoga straps and other props that will enhance your  practice. General class consists of: calming, centering and stretching (10 min), yoga poses and flows (25 min), balancing and flexibility (15 min), finishing with final stretching and total relaxation (10 min). No experience necessary. Please bring a yoga mat to class and your own blocks & straps if you have them.

  • Instructor: Andy Ferragamo 
  • Who: 18+


  • When: Mondays & Wednesdays | 10:00-11:00am | June 3 – June 26 (no class June 19)
  • Cost (4-week session): $70 (residents)/$84 (non-residents)


  • When: Wednesdays | 10:00-11:00am | July 3 – August 28
  • Cost (9-week session): $90 (residents)/ $108 (non-residents)


This class combines yoga and pilates in a way that helps condition the body without punishing it. We develop strong abdominal muscles and improve
balance, coordination and power which aides us in performing other exercises with more ease. In addition to firming and strengthening our core muscles, we
strengthen and lengthen the entire body from head to toe, helping us to stand taller. We focus on the entire body with special emphasis on core and posture. This class is done without shoes. Please bring a mat. Please do not eat a big meal at least one hour before class.
  • Instructor: Jessica Simpson
  • Who: 18+
  • Cost: $52 (residents)/$62 (non-residents)
  • When: Thursdays, 10:00-11:00am
    • June 27 – August 8 (no class July 4)

Reb3l Groove

A high-intensity dance format set to fun, hip-hop style music. A great way to burn A LOT of calories, have fun with friends and get to work out in a club-like setting! All experience and fitness levels are welcome. Sign up for the 6-week session or drop-in and pay per class!

  • Instructor: Jessica Simpson
  • Who: 16+
  • Cost (6-weeks): $144 (residents)/$172 (non-residents)
    • Drop in: $15 (residents)/$18 (non-residents)
  • When: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5:30-6:30pm
    • Session 1: June 11 – July 18 (no class July 4)
    • Session 2: July 23 – August 29


Zumba is a Latin inspired dance-fitness program. It’s commonly referred to as exercise in disguise because of it’s fun and uplifting rhythms. Not only does this class help people achieve their fitness goals but it boosts serotonin levels, leaving students feeling re-energized. Laura works to create a welcoming atmosphere for all humans regardless of fitness or experience levels.

  • Instructor: Laura Burns
  • Who: 18+


When: Mondays | 6-7:00pm | June 3 – June 24

Cost (4-weeks): $52 (residents)/$62 (non-residents)


When: Mondays | 6-7:00pm | July 8 – August 19

Cost (7-weeks): $91 (residents)/$109 (non-residents)


If you’ve been looking for a way to sneak in some exercise and explore your inner child, this class is for you! Whether you’ve taken a hula hoop class before or haven’t touched a hoop in years, we invite you to come get your groove on, have fun, make friends, be silly and find the happiest, healthiest version of yourself.

  • Instructor: SJ Mertzic
  • Who: 18+
  • Cost (6-weeks): $90 (residents)/$108(non-residents)
    • Drop in: $18 (residents)/$21 (non-residents)
  • When: Mondays, 4:30-5:30pm | July 8 – August 12


This class is for women who are 1 month to 3 years postpartum, who are having trouble with bladder control. We will learn exercises, tips & tricks to help improve your bladder control.

  • Instructor: Brittany Lee Robinson, DPT
  • Who: 18+
  • Cost: $25 (residents)/$30 (non-residents)
  • When: Thursday, June 20, 4:30-6:00pm


Registration required. Register by calling the KCC at (207)439-3800 or online by clicking the button below:


Zentangle is a process of creating art, whereby simple shapes and lines combine to make beautiful and interesting abstract artworks. The focus of Zentangle is on the process of creation, rather than the end result and is both fun and stress-relieving. If you can draw a line and a circle (perfectly or not) you can Zentangle.

  • Instructor: Joyce Amend, CZT
  • Who: 18+
  • Cost (per class): $12 (residents)/$14.40 (non-residents) plus $10 materials fee, paid to the instructor, if you need Zentangle supplies
  • When: 10:30am-12:00pm
    • Thursday, May 30
    • Thursday, June 27

intro to video editing

Need some guidance with editing videos? Join filmmaker, digital content creator, and media coach Mark J. Parker for a fun and informative workshop focusing on iMovie and Final Cut Pro for Mac computers. Plus, you’ll get practice editing on your smartphone with the help of good apps available today. Mark will show the group all the steps taken from importing your videos into the software, editing picture and sound, and exporting the finished video. This is great for filmmakers, podcasters, content creators, social media users, and anyone who wants to learn some technical and creative tips. Everyone can use their own phones for the mobile editing lessons, and Mac users are encouraged to bring their laptops to class to work on your individual projects. Both beginners and experienced editors who need a refresher are welcome.

  • Instructor: Mark J. Parker
  • Who: 18+
  • Cost (2 days): $70 (residents)/$84 (non-residents) 
  • When: July 11 & 18 | 5:30-7:30pm

on-camera comedy acting

Want to make people laugh? Join Kittery acting coach, casting director, and filmmaker Mark J. Parker for a fun and informative workshop about comedic acting for the camera. The techniques taught in this workshop will be different from stage acting, as actors will try to ground their acting in natural, truthful performances while hitting their mark for the camera. Each actor will work on two funny scenes from film & TV, plus there will be improv exercises that stretch imaginations, acting ranges, and comedic timing. Memorizing the scenes for week 2 is encouraged, and actors will be recorded on camera so they can watch their work later. Both beginners and experienced actors are welcome.

  • Instructor: Mark J. Parker
  • Who: 18+
  • Cost (6-week session): $70 (residents/$84 (non-residents)
  • When: June 20 & 27 | 5:30-7:30pm