About the Kittery Community Center

The Kittery Community Center is a town department with ten full-time staff members, approximately 25 part-time staff members, and numerous volunteer boards, which help move the KCC’s mission forward. The Town Council appoints the Board of Directors. Other volunteer Boards include:  The Visual Arts Committee and the Youth Athletic Committee.

The Kittery Community Center is self-supporting:  every year since its founding in 2012, revenue generated by the programs and facilities has increased.  The KCC leadership works hard to strike a balance between renting the facilities and offering free space to schools, youth programs,  civic groups, and providing affordable space for area non-profit organizations for performances, events, and meetings. 


Our Vision

A healthy, vibrant community for all ages and interests

Our Mission

To provide multi-generational programs and services contributing to personal wellbeing and the quality of community life

The KCC is a destination where recreational activities and the arts are blended together. We know how important it is to maintain an active lifestyle for a healthy and happy life, which is why the KCC hosts a multitude of programs, classes, and events for people of all ages and the enrichment of their lives.

Here, fitness programs, athletic opportunities, arts and crafts classes, and various cultural activities are made accessible, and we’re dedicated to bringing in more of what the community asks for.

In addition to our fitness amenities, STAR Theatre, and our famous pickle ball league, the center has multiple office and classroom spaces for nonprofits and civic groups to use as meeting space, and our function rooms are available for wedding receptions and parties. Not to mention our sought-after preschool and outdoors programs for kids!

We’re proud to be a model community center for towns aiming to create a similar entity where residents and non-residents can come together and exercise, see professional-quality theater performances, and observe great pieces of art, among many other uses.

It’s the perfect place for you and the whole family to learn and participate in new activities and enjoy the company of those around you, our community.

Our History

The  Kittery Community Center (KCC) opened in 2012 and is considered a model community hub that incorporates recreation, fitness, classes, childcare, performing and visual arts, and culture. The KCC is also considered a model of historic preservation and reuse.  The building was originally constructed as The Frisbee Elementary School in 1941, was closed in 2009, and after a long process of community input, was repurposed and renovated into a community center that opened to the public in May of 2012.

Prior to the construction of the new community center, it was known as the Kittery Recreation Department, operating out of a small building on Cole Street in Admiralty Village. Retired KCC General Manager and Recreation Director Janice Grady worked for the town for more than 35 years and spearheaded the effort to create the state-of-the-art center. Janice, along with a group of motivated locals, including Maria Barth,  saw the need for more space for the rec department and its many growing programs, and established a “Friends of Kittery Recreation Committee” to assist with fundraising. They held countless spaghetti supper fundraisers and spent sixteen years rallying the community and raising funds to bring the KCC to fruition.

One group that was instrumental in creating the theater inside the KCC included Kent Stephens, Faith Harrington and Peter Lamb. They led the design and fundraising efforts to transform the old Frisbee gym into a beautiful theater now known at the STAR Theatre. The Ralph E. Ogden Foundation provided a challenge grant and as a result, the theatre was named in honor of the family corporation, Star Expansion, Inc., whose corporate logo was also gifted. Philanthropist Tom Haas and many other donors responded to the challenge grant. The Morgan family donated the funds to create the Morgan Gallery which is adjacent to the theatre.

Many elected leaders and Kittery volunteers were involved in the long process, including:

frisbee revitalization committee

Chris Perkins, Chair
Judy Spiller, Vice Chair
Debby Pirini Boyle
Matt Brock
Janice Grady
Alan McDonald
Gerry Mylroie
Jeff Pelletier
Jeff Thomson

kcc building committee

Chris Perkins, Chair
Bob Guay, Vice Chair
Kathleen Barry
Debby Pirini Boyle
Matt Brock
Mary Carter
Michael Downs
Janice Grady
Alan McDonald
Gerry Mylroie
Jeff Pelletier
Charles Rodis
Judy Spiller
Kent Stephens
Jeff Thomson
Alden Tansey, Clerk of the Works

Janice Grady managed the 5.5 million dollar construction project and says many residents deserve the credit for bringing the project to fruition. Current KCC Director Jeremy Paul was also closely involved in the project.

Looking back at the long and winding road, Jeremy also credits the tremendous group effort.  He says the KCC has become an important hub in the community – proving the value of a partnership between the town, local non-profits, volunteers, and residents.

The KCC has an historic past and a bright future.  There are efforts underway to expand parking, improve both landscaping and the playground, and increase programming for teens and seniors.

the staff

Jeremy Paul, Director[email protected]

Kyle Cook, Youth Programs Supervisor & S.A.F.E. Afterschool Program: [email protected]

Chris Luise, Community Center Supervisor: [email protected]

Nicole McNally, Community Programs Supervisor: [email protected]

Scott Lincoln, Facility Maintenance Supervisor: [email protected]

Reception[email protected]


Board of directors

Gerri Luke, Chair
Leelah Pahl, Vice Chair
Danielle Hoffman
Maribeth Gerard
Rose Eppard
Kathleen Starkey
Steven Workman
John Pratt
Douglas Basnett
Celestyne Bragg, Town Councilor
Kendra Amaral, Town Manager
Jeremy Paul, KCC Director

Visual arts committee

BJ Glanville, Co-Chair
Jessica Hunter, Co-Chair
Stephen Luber
Anita Loomis
Gerri Luke
Sarah Drummond
Mary Connors, Treasurer/Secretary
Annie Kazazis
Rose Eppard, KCC Board of Directors
Dave Cieliczka
Chris Luise, KCC Center Supervisor

Kittery Athletics & Field

Rich DeMarco, Chair
Mike Roberge
Donny Gagnon
Terrance Swiger
Trevor Ankeny
Sybil Carven
Will Shapleigh
Pam Samulelson
Acadia Dorgan, Student
Malcolm Nadeau, Student
Kendra Amaral, Town Manager
Dave Rich, DPW Commissioner
Chris Luise, KCC Center Supervisor
Jeremy Paul, KCC Director


Kent Stephens, Chair
Zhana Morris
CJ Lewis
David Rivard
Trevor Bartlett
Jeremy Paul, KCC Director
Chris Luise, KCC Center Supervisor


The Town of Kittery is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and is committed to excellence through diversity in its staff. We strongly encourage all qualified individuals to apply.

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