S.A.F.E. AFterschool program

S.A.F.E. (Safe Alternatives for Enrichment) is our afterschool program for children in grades K-8.  This program, licensed by the State of Maine, is designed to support parents who need a safe place to send their children after school.  The S.A.F.E. Program is set up to complement your child’s school day.  After a long day of highly structured schoolwork, children are offered an opportunity to choose from a wide variety  of fun activities that are enriching, allow for exploration, and give your children a chance to relax.  The S.A.F.E. Program is a recreational and educational program that encourages children to be active and have fun.  The program tries to meet the needs of the local community by providing a quality afterschool program for elementary and intermediate children at an affordable price.

If you are interested in our SAFE Afterschool Program, please contact Jeremy Paul, at 207-439-3800 or email

$25 enrollment fee per child is required. Credit/Debit Card or electronic check is required for payments starting this year. Payments will be automatically withdrawn on payment due dates. More information in the parent packet.

Full Time

kittery forest Preschool Ages 2-5

Kittery Forest Preschool is licensed by the State of Maine and provides our community with an enriching educational experience for children ages 2-5. Our Nature Based preschool empowers our students to become creative, independent and critical thinkers. Through outdoor play our children develop self-esteem, a sense of purpose and the ability to overcome obstacles. These skills support academics in our indoor classroom and build the foundation for future learning.

Our Forest Classroom- Here at Kittery Forest Preschool we offer a unique environment for the children to learn and play in. Do you remember as a child?

  • Building forts
  • Digging holes “to China”
  • Making mud pies
  • Daydreaming in a special hiding place
  • Swinging on vines

These activities are all nature play: unstructured childhood play in the outdoors. Nature play isn’t scheduled, planned, or led by adults. Instead, it’s open-ended, free-time exploration and recreation. For many of us, this sort of nature play virtually defined our childhoods. The children will be able to enjoy our Forest Classroom year around! Parents and children must understand that these outdoor activities will often get the children wet, dirty, hot and/or cold.

Good outdoor clothes are a must. Children will need to be prepared every day to go outside. As long as the weather is safe, we will go out and play! Our Indoor Classrooms- Our beautiful classrooms provide a structured environment that supports Early Literacy & Math Skills, Cognitive & Sensory Development as well as provides activities that strengthen Fine & Gross Motor Skills.

If you are interested in our program, please contact Cindy Denault at 207-439-3800 or

It is with heavy hearts that we have made the decision to not hold Summer Day Camps for 2020. We are hopeful that things will take a turn for the better and that we can come back for 2021 with a new appreciation of summer camp life! Stay safe.