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The Kittery Community Center would like to announce that we are now taking registrations for the following youth enrichment activities. All registrations must be done at the Kittery Community Center-120 Rogers Rd., as we no longer accept phone registrations or online at


Seacoast Soul Models

Seacoast Soul Models offers girls the opportunity to explore their authentic voice in a safe and supportive setting while being introduced to tools that will increase their self-confidence and resiliency.  Through activity-based programming, we guide and support girls as they gain valuable life skills in the areas of creative expression, leadership, development, stress-reduction techniques (mindfulness and meditation), yoga, and service to others.  For more information, visit www.seacoastsoulmodels.orgScholarships available upon request for those with financial need.

Instructor: Seacoast Soul Model Instructors
Who: Girls in grades 5-8
When: Thursdays,  5:30-7:30pm             

Mar 2-May 11 - 10 weeks             no class 4/20

Cost: $100

Doodlebugz Studio Art Classes

This great program offers art projects brought to you by Doodlebugz Art Studio instructors (  This four-week program will have projects that include clay creations, glass fusing and painting techniques.  Each class is 1.5 hours long and they bring all the materials you need!  Because kids have to have art!  No drop-ins.

Instructor: Doodlebugz Instructors
Who: Grades 1-8              
When: Fridays,  4:00-5:30pm             
  Feb 3-Feb 24 - 4 wks
  May 5-May 26 - 4 wks
Cost: Resident $62/Nonresident $67

Creative Dance with Susan Duffy

The class will introduce basic ballet movements as well as explore creative movement and self-expression in the center.  Students should wear comfortable clothing or leotards & ballet slippers. No drop ins.

Instructor: Susan Duffy
Who: Children ages 4-6
When: Saturdays   9:00-10:00am
  Apr 1-May 27 (skip 4/29) - 8 wks
Cost: Resident $82/Nonresident $87

Kids Zumba (Ages 2-5) with Christine Antonucci

This class helps develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of the children's lives by making fitness fun.  Classes incorporate key childhood development elements like leadership, respect, team work, confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity, coordination, cultural awareness.  This is a great class to get the little ones moving!  Drop in fee of $10/class.

Instructor: Christine Antonucci
Who: Children ages 2-5
When: Fridays   11:30am-12:15pm
  Feb 24-Mar 31 - 6 wks
  Apr 14-May 26 (skip 4/28) - 6 wks
Cost: Resident $40/Nonresident $45

Teen/Adult Stretch & Ballet Barre with Susan Duffy

Students begin with a warm-up and stretch routine that prepares them for the barre work afterwards.  Using ballet as the foundation, the student will slowly be introduced to the ballet technique at the barre.  Movements will target posture, body and feet alignment, core and muscle strength, balancing, and lengthening of the muscles and flexibility.  Individual attention and needs are addressed.  Enjoy moving to music and feel good about it!  No drop ins.

Instructor: Susan Duffy
Who: Ages 13+
When: Saturdays   11:30am-12:30pm
  Apr 1-May 27 (skip 4/29) - 8 wks
Cost: Resident $82/Nonresident $87

Teen/Adult Ballet with Susan Duffy

This class will introduce the foundations of ballet, including floor stretching, barre work, and center work. The focus will be on strengthening leg and arm muscles, improve posture and flexibility and strengthening the core, all while enjoying the art of dance. Stay in shape by dancing! No prior dance experience necessary.  10 week sessions.  No drop ins.

Instructor: Susan Duffy
Who: 13+
When: Tuesdays, 6:30-8:00pm

Apr 4-Jun 13 (skip 4/25) - 10 wks

When: Saturdays, 10:00-11:30am

Apr 1-Jun 10 (skip 4/29) - 10 wks

Cost: Resident $105/Nonresidents $110

Hip Hop with Larissa Fogg

Come join us for an upbeat, fun way to work out!  No prior dance experience necessary!  Students will be exposed to many styles of hip hop, such as R&B, Waacking, House, Reggaeton, and others.  Students will improve muscle tone, musicality, and coordination while having a great time - all in a judgement free environment! The instructor has trained with top artists in Boston, NYC, London and Buenos Aires.  Drop in fee of $12/class.

Instructor: Larissa Fogg
Who: Ages 8-11
When: Wednesdays, 4:00-4:45pm
  Feb 22-Mar 29 - 6 wks
  Apr 5-May 10 - 6 wks
  May 17-Jun 21 - 6wks
Who: Ages 12+
When: Wednesdays, 4:45-5:45pm
  Feb 22-Mar 29 - 6 wks
  Apr 5-May 10 - 6 wks
  May 17-Jun 21 - 6 wks
Cost: Resident $48/Nonresident $53

Preschool Jump 'n Gym with Denise Long

Designed to make exercise fun and beneficial by using music combined with movements that focus on fine and gross motor skills.  Children plus a parent/caregiver are taught exercises tailored to the age group.  Non-walkers and drop-ins allowed.  2nd child is 1/2 price!  Drop in fee of $10/class.  

Instructor: Denise Long
Who: Children-Walking to 4 1/2 years
When: Mondays   10:15-11:00am
  Mar 13-Apr 24 (skip 4/17) - 6 wks
Who: Children-Walking to 2 1/2 years
When: Wednesdays   10:15-11:00am
  Mar 15-Apr 26 - 7 wks
Who: Children-Walking to 4 1/2 years
When: Thursdays   10:15-11:00am
  Mar 16-Apr 27 - 7 wks
Cost: 7 week session - Residents $49/Nonresidents $54
  6 week session - Residents $42/Nonresidents $47

Tumbling and Gymnastics with Heather Pilibosian

Build physique and character, while connecting mind and body in an active and fun environment.  Children will enjoy mat and floor techniques such as forward and backwards tumbles, donkey kicks and various fitness activities.  The classes will also include balancing, core strengthening and cardiovascular exercises.  No drop ins.

Instructor: Heather Pilibosian
Who: Children ages 2-4
When: Tuesdays  4:00-4:45pm
  Feb 28-Apr 4 - 6 wks
  Apr 25-May 30 - 6 wks
Who: Children ages 5+
When: Tuesdays   4:45-5:30pm

Feb 28-Apr 4 - 6 wks

  Apr 25-May 30 - 6 wks
Cost: Resident $100/Nonresident $105

Youth Salsa with Nina El-Badry

Alma Cubana Youth Salsa Team performance class.  Open to boys and girls ages 10-17.  Learn footwork, body movement, partnering and fun/sassy salsa routine to be performed locally and nationally.  No drop ins. 

Instructor: Nina El-Badry
Who: Children ages 10-17
When: Saturdays, 2:00-3:15pm
  Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun
  4 classes per month
Cost: Resident $40/Nonresident $45 (per month)


Our head instructor Larry Krebs of New England Okinawan Karate has been teaching at the Kittery Recreation Department since 2004. Our classes stress Traditional Protocol, Self-Discipline and Quality Authentic Training and Techniques. Classes are continued all year. Family discounts are offered. Please come by the studio and watch one of our classes or try a free intro class.  No drop ins.

Instructor: Larry Krebs
Who: Ages 10+
When: Mondays & Thursdays, 6:00 - 7:30pm
  Dec-Feb; Mar-May; Jun-Aug
Cost: Resident - $140/one and $110/ea add’l family member
  Nonresident - $145/one and $115/ea add'l family member






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